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I downloaded your version of Ilmango's crafting tables, and all it's doing is replacing the crafting tables with command blocks. I'm in 1.16.3 if that means anything.
are command blocks enabled on your server? noone else has had any problems like this
(i know im a month late)
I released my precious project: Longevity! I hope it gets noticed, I'm really proud of it!
I have tried it out and it seems pretty cool. I would, however, recommend making a github or website with recipes, because although a map is good to learn, I need a wiki to reference so many crafting recipes.
Thank you all for the 1,200+ downloads on seasons, it was quite the surprise when I came back '^^
The Undermagic Resource Pack has passed 1,000 downloads here on DPC!!! Thank you all so much for playing the pack. Your feedback means so much to me.
Seasons just went over 650 downloads, that's a lot, thanks to everyone that downloaded it ^^
Updates to Useful Wands are going to slow down because I want to do other things with my time. A few months ago, I started learning a little C++, and now I want to start doing small projects with it! Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to be doing datapack stuff, just not as much as usual.
Undermagic's massive Beta 18 update just came out, putting it over 75 items, with 3 bosses as well!
I wanted to thank the almost 350 people that downloaded the original version of Seasons, you are what pushed me to get this project where it's at now (and I'm sorry for not having said that when this version was out...)
Oh yea, one thing that I didn't put in the changelog for UsefulWands Version 2.1 is that you now get 64 Magicoal using charcoal to craft opposed to 16 which was an accident.
Just released Version 2.1 of UsefulWands! There is a good amount of changes and fixes in this update, including the ability to use Fortune with the destruct wand!