Data Pack Undermagic Beta 35.2


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I've been playing with this datapack for a while now and it is absolutely fantastic! Everything looks and feels wonderful, almost like a proper mod. Well done Hashs! I have a quick concern: the guide doesn't have the recipes for Omega armor. The chest plate and leggings and straightforward but I am not sure how the helmet and boots are crafted.


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Hashs updated Undermagic with a new update entry:

Beta 31 - 1.16 Update

Undermagic is now compatible with the newest Minecraft version!
  • Updated to 1.16-rc1 (and by extension, 1.16 release). With such a large update, many things have changed internally. If you find a bug or oversight, please report it on my Discord server.
  • Added Undermagic items, primarily demon drops, to Piglin bartering loot, bastion loot, and ruined portal loot.
  • Fixed a bug that made Ghasts suffocate to death inside custom...
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