Data Pack Undermagic Beta 9


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Hashs submitted a new project:

Undermagic - Delving into darkness's depths...

Re-uploading this datapack on other sites without my express permission, or claiming ownership of it, is bad, illegal, and wrong. If you see this message somewhere other than Hashs's Planet Minecraft profile or The Data Pack Center, do not download this pack and instead download it from its rightful owner and creator either at The Data Pack Center or here: Hashs's PMC Profile. Thank you.

Introducing Undermagic! A brand...
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Hashs updated Undermagic with a new update entry:

Beta 6 - Blood Magic Update

Undermagic is not dead, contrary to what you probably thought - my hiatus was simply much longer than expected. And as such, I present to you: Beta 6 - the Blood Magic Update!
  • Added the Blood Crucible
  • Added Alchemical Pedestals
  • Added a new crafting process: Blood Infusion
    • Because every mod needs an Infusion Altar
  • Added a new melee weapon: the Bloody Edge
Please see the guide document for further details, including the content of the update...
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