The T.r.a.p.p.i.

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Silvathor submitted a new project:

The T.r.a.p.p.i. - Robot Bot Trappi

Hello everyone ! I present you "The T.r.a.p.p.i." !

Trappi is a litle robot :D He follow his master and live for him !

Trappi's fonctionnalities :
- He follow you all over and tp when you are far :D
- He help you for kill monster !
- Can change cosmetics
- Can sleep when you don't want he follow you (right click on)
- Can be level up (speed, strenght, resistance)
- Can have special skill (soon)
- More soon

To create a T.r.a.p.p.i. :

You shold create all Trappi's part ! For that create...
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