The Augustus DataJam

:mc_2-0: DPC OFFICIAL NEWS :mc_2-0:

This Data Jam has come to a conclusion. Status Tweaks by Hashs won the competition, it will be added to the server within the coming days*.

Introducing the Augustus, this DataJam will last from August 10th till September 10th. This being the first DataJam we're hosting around our website so we better explain, so this is basically a month long competition for people to create new and creative data packs, for some little fancy rewards.

How to Submit:
You can submit your data pack(s) from your Project Studio (Submit my Data Pack). Remember to select the Augustus DataJam prefix when uploading your data pack.

How to Win:
By the end of the competition you need to have the most downloads, that's it, so... GOOD LUCK!?!!

Theme and Restrictions:
The theme that your data pack(s) have to follow is pretty open ended, they just have to be Adventure related. Think exploring, boss fights, fighting mechanics etc.
Optional alternative theme Radar related. Think detection, location, and position (or maybe jam).

There will also be a limit of 3 data pack submissions per person. All data pack submissions must also be uploaded directly on this site to be valid entries in the competition. Companion Resource Packs are allowed but not required.

If you have any questions regarding the theme or any restrictions please directly message MinecraftDoodler.

The Dates:
August 10th through September 10th, winners will be determined on September 20th,

Regarding Prizes:
The winner will receive:
  • 1x 5$ (USD) steam giftcard
  • Featured data pack on the DPC website*
  • Special Role on the DPC discord
  • Get your pack on the DPC server*
Please note based off the amount of engagement this competition gets the prize(s) will increase. For example if 10 or more people submit data packs, the steam gift card amount will double. Any updates to prizes will be reflected in this post.

*Some restrictions apply, subject to follow up contests, compatibility issues etc.