Technological Datapack Ideas?


Hey all, I'm still kind-of new to this website, but I've been tinkering with datapacks for a while and I've wanted to create a technology-driven datapack for a while now. I'm going to be working on it as a long-term project, and I'm hoping to make it as expansive and content-packed as possible.

Because datapacks are quite easy to install, I'm going to try to make everything as modular as possible, so that people can pick and choose what features they want to have. Basically, it would be a "datapack-pack", designed from the start with compatibility and connectivity in mind.

I'm planning on taking most of my inspiration from the early Tekkit modpacks, but I'd love to hear any and all suggestions you might have on what I should (or shouldn't) include.
If anybody has an idea for a name, I'd love to hear those too!


EDIT: by the way - what (if any) conventions are there that I should follow when it comes to technological packs?