Substantial Pack (Essentials in Vanilla)

Data Pack Substantial Pack (Essentials in Vanilla) 1.0


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CubeDeveloper submitted a new project:

Substantial Pack (Essentials in Vanilla) - This datapack resembles the bukkit plugin "Essentials" (/tpa, /spawn, /set_home /home, ...)

Adding this datapack to your vanilla minecraft server (tested in 1.14.4 and in 1.15.2, it may contain bugs in the latter version) will allow players to use a variety of commands similar to the ones you can use in the essentials bukkit plugin. The datapack includes these commands:

/function substantial: permissions/op
(gives OP permissions to the player executing the function)

/trigger help (opens up the help tab)
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The "/trigger home set n" command stopped working when I restarted the server. When I try to teleport to a home I get the message: "•You don't have more than (0) houses"