Spuddy's Improvements (Data Pack)

Data Pack Spuddy's Improvements (Data Pack) 0.2

Dylan The Spud

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Dylan The Spud submitted a new project:

Spuddy's Improvements - Small improvements to Minecraft by Dylan The Spud

This is some small thing I put together for some fun. It adds tiny little features to the game that you may enjoy, like cave spiders spawning naturally, and a new Rascal mob in raids.

This data pack does require a resource pack, so make sure you go download that.

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I'll update this with new stuff whenever I feel like it :mc_e_36:
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Dylan The Spud

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Dylan The Spud updated Spuddy's Improvements (Data Pack) with a new update entry:

Spuddy's Improvements - Update 0.2

A well-needed update, fixing rascals & introducing endactyls!

  • Mobs
    • Rascal
      • Generic features were completely broken
      • Can now ignite TNT
    • Endactyl
      • Added
      • Spawns 20 blocks above the ground on outer End islands, only when the Ender Dragon is killed, replacing 1% of endermen.
      • Swoops down like a phantom & spews acid on targets in front of them.
      • Will be updated at some point to accept potion effects to spew on players, as...
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