Data Pack Seasons 1.0.1

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Seasons - A datapack that adds the 4 seasons to vanilla survival, alongside other elements

Seasons for Survival Minecraft
The 4 Seasons:
With inspiration from Don't Starve, the seasons are recreated and will cycle naturally every 20 days (which makes for a 80 days year, custom season length coming soon), each with their own specificity:
  • Autumn/Fall: The most calm season of the four. Nothing special really happens...
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Le Codex

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[1.0.1] Tweaks and Fixes

A little change log of things that needed tweaking:
  • Death support was added. Dying and respawning resets your temperature to 20°C an your wetness to 0%.
  • You start a new world at 20°C instead of 0°C. This should also apply to newly joining players on servers.
  • The Winter Strays and Summer Husks can now spawn with armor, whereas previously they could only spawn with hand items.
  • The marker used for the custom block updates (snow layering, flower blooming and disappearing...
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Le Codex

Hi, could you please give more info on how to fight the temperature besides being deep underground or near lava / in water.
Sorry for the late reply, certain items and blocks will influence your temperature, but most is an unnoticebale amount or just enough to just cancel the effect. Try to find all the different interactions ;)