Recruitment Recruiting Data Pack creators for a big project... [Paid]


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Hello! I direct a team of developers, sound artists, and texture/3d modelers. We are planning on making a custom vanilla SMP event for semi-popular youtubers, such as and not limited to, GDColon, Jwhisp, AmorAltra, etc...

We want to make this season special, so we are developing a resource pack that contains many models and amazing looking textures for lots of new blocks, tools, and ores. An almost replicating experience of modded, without the mods.

In order to do this properly and efficiently though, we need our combination of plugins, resource packs, AND Data Packs!

Looking for professional/advance data pack developers capable of many features and addons for the update 1.16.1! The details of each task will be provided, as well as the quoted prices.

Commission prices and quotes/Your expression of interest for joining the team should be sent to my DMs via my discord: ArgonGaming#0001

Thank you! We hope we can get some assistance for this project soon!