Octo's Enchanting Storage

Data Pack Octo's Enchanting Storage 0.1


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octoshrimpy submitted a new project:

Octo's Enchanting Storage - Turns regular bookshelves into storage without losing enchanting table xp levels.

Ever wished the bookshelves around your enchanting table could store the enchanting books?

Now they can!

Just rename a bookshelf to "Storage Shelf" (without quotes) in an anvil, and then hold it in your main hand. The bookshelf will turn blue! You can now place this storage shelf anywhere you'd like, including around your enchanting table. When you're not looking at the shelf, they will work as a regular bookshelf, meaning they will give you level 30 enchanting available...
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This datapack looks really awesome (although the resource pack link is currently broken)
You should tag the storage shelf with a unique nbt tag (for example, octo_shelf:1b), then test for that instead of the item's custom name, as it's easier to write code for and makes it renameable in an anvil.