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Data Pack Mineheim 1.1.9

Keyon Ashton

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Keyon Ashton submitted a new project:

Mineheim - A rogue-like dungeon generator, with bosses, magic, loot, and more.

What is Mineheim?
A random dungeon generator similar to a rogue like dungeon style game, but using only commands and structure blocks.
Why don't I use/make a mod or plugin for it?
Cause that's too easy. Simple as that. I saw the challenge and decided to take it.
Aren't there other dungeon generators out there already?
I think so, but from the ones I've seen, they are all broken now, designed to be single player, or only a dungeon generator. I want to make mine easy to...
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Keyon Ashton

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I have found the problem with the magic not working right, and the altars not spawning.
I have also fixed up the xp a bit, although everything still only gives 1 xp as of now.

I plan on fixing the altar tomorrow when I get off from work, but the other 2 things are done.

Keyon Ashton

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Keyon Ashton updated Mineheim with a new update entry:


I spent most of this version working on fixing the dungeon altar spawning, but did other bug fixes that were needed.

- Wands not activating. Had every single one referencing an old folder.
- Dungeon Altars spawning properly. Screw jigsaw blocks.
- Mobs giving xp. Might not have been broken in prior version.*
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Edit: Leveling system broken, another thing referencing an old file.
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