Data Pack Mechanization 2.1.0c

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Mechanization - Huge tech datapack with over 45 machines and 110 items.

Mechanization is a Minecraft datapack aimed at recreating popular tech mods like IC2 and Thermal Expansion. It has been in development for over 3 years, with the first version being released in March 2016. Mechanization has over 45 machines and 110 items with a feature set ranging from an extensive power system to custom ore generation to plasma guns. And best of all? All this with little or no noticeable lag.

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2.1.0: The Major Polishing Update

The Major Polishing Update aka the 1.14 update is finally here with tons of new QOL features.

Base Module:
  • Added 2 new upgrades: Ender and Nether, both of which require a machine upgrade already installed to add. The machine upgrade is now cheaper (accessible at Tier 2 instead of Tier 3).
  • Batteries now transfer any power amount instead of fixed sizes. Can also transfer between any number of generators and machines (up to its max power limit).
  • Batteries can now be...
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