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MinecraftDoodler submitted a new project:

MC Smithed - A launcher to merge existing datapacks

The purpose of this project is to provide an easy to use launcher to merge existing datapacks together with little to no issues. Along with this comes the ability for an ingame config system that creators will be able to hook into. Alongside the launcher will be a background program (optional) which will update all the worlds in a specific folder with the datapack and resourcepack, making it a much more modded experience. If you're interested in creating for or following this project join...

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TheNuclearNexus updated MC Smithed with a new update entry:

Update after 2 years

Smithed was an utter failure 2 years ago, so I am writing that wrong!

I've decided to go ahead and archive the old categories (excluding #discussion) because I want the project to have a fresh start. As such I thought I should make it clear what the final goal is for the project this time around. A couple things caused the project to fail and over step its bounds 1) My knowledge of programming was way to small the last time 2) Our scope was too large, trying to make all datapacks...

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