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thisisnotaustin submitted a new project:

Lock and Key - A simple block entity locking datapack

This is an extremely simple datapack I made for locking compatible blocks. I didn't really try to match the vanilla style, it's more of a quick thing I did really to see if I could. Could be useful anyways.

To set a lock:
  • Rename a book & quill to "Locksmith" with an anvil
  • Type out the password on the first page
  • Throw the book on top of the block you want locked
  • There will be particle effects and a sound effect to confirm the lock
  • The book and quill's custom name...
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Hi i really like the idea of this datapack and would love to add it to my server, but like the plugin variant are OPed players allowed to override the lock on chests to open them?


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this datapack simply utilizes the built-in lock feature where you lock a container with a password and then unlock with an item renamed to have that password. I don't think being op'd or being in creative mode overrides this, but you could always check the password with commands

I could probably add some function that checks the password on something too if that would be easier