ilmango's crafting tables [1.16+] v1.0-b1

Data Pack ilmango's crafting tables [1.16+] v1.0-b1 1.0-b1

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ilmango's crafting tables [1.16+] v1.0-b1 - at long last! implement easy autocrafting to your minecraft world

this data pack took many years of work and over a dozen complete rewrites. i would be very grateful if you gave this pack a try! there is an optional resource pack linked in this post but below is what the textures look like with no resource pack.

features of this data pack (all optional):
• two modes: vanilla and modded
vanilla makes the crafting table act exactly like vanilla, no autocrafting, no nbt crafting
modded enables features such as...
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I like a very good datapack, I had to see how it works in the beginning, but after I knew it, I took a look at the datapack and have to say: Very well done.


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how can i make ti so it is only a autocrafter wen there is a blockabove and below , i dont want all crafting tabel in my world work like this ?
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so the datapack works fine but it generates a lot of processes and lags my server a lot. Is there a way to fix this?ss1.jpg
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