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Data Pack GoodStuff (TheShrineVonPuff) 0.01-a(again)


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GGWisp submitted a new project:

GoodStuff (TheShrineVonPuff) - Build the shrine to meet the man himself, and bless your audiovisual bits while you're at it.

>Hadn't touched command creations in a hot minute.
>Came upon Legitimoose youtube videos triggering analogous nostalgia for such.
>Minecraft subreddit recently revealed to me some unfamiliar particles to mess with.
> Made a sky beam with command blocks
> Decided that the sky beam was too arbitrary, and needed a reason to exist.
> Enter, Puff.

In case you didn't see the video, build a 5 block plus symbol out of ancient debris, the corners of which are to be filled with four 3-block-tall...

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