FamousBros Faithful Venom x32

Resource Pack FamousBros Faithful Venom x32 1.17 Release 2


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Infamous submitted a new project:

FamousBros Faithful Venom x32 - Bring Back Old School FaithfulVenom Textures.

FamousBros Faithful Venom x32

Old School Faithful Textures, Antvenoms Color Grading, Skitscape's UI, with Custom textures for my datapacks.
(Skitscape UI, pre 1.14 Faithful Block and Item textures, and textures for my Raijin and Mark/Recall Datapacks)
(My added datapack Textures will not affect Vanilla textutres.)

Credit: Faithful Team
They developed 99.9% of the textures in this file.
They do Beautiful Work and you should give them some love!

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Infamous updated FamousBros Faithful Venom x32 with a new update entry:

1.16.4 Pre-Release 1

1.16.4 Pre-Release 2: (Pr-1)

Social Interactions GUI (@Seirin-Blu)
Check Box (@faithfulteam)
Bamboo Stage 0 (@Nyodex)
Bamboo Stalk (@LethalChicken)
Basalt (@LethalChicken)
Crimson Roots (@LethalChicken)
Crying Obsidian (@LethalChicken)
Lodestone (@LethalChicken)
Nether Sprouts (@LethalChicken)
Polished Basalt (@LethalChicken)
Sea Pickle (@LethalChicken)
Shroomlight (@LethalChicken)
Soul Soil (@LethalChicken)
Warped Roots (@LethalChicken)

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