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Data Pack Essentials V 1.0

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Essentials V - Essentials but less spigot

[Requires Phi.Core and Phi.Inventory]

Essentially essentials!
Every player gets a 5-6 digit uuid to be targeted, this will be labeled as <ID>

To change a players permission level set their esv.plyPerms to the desired amount

Standard Commands (Perm Level 0+)

.esv.tpa - /trigger .esv.tpa set <ID> - Request to teleport to a player

.esv.tpahere - /trigger .esv.tpahere set <ID> - Request to teleport a player to you

.esv.list - /trigger...
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To Set MaxClaims for chunk claims to 0, or disable chunk claims,
is the a /scoreboard? or a /Function? Or a /trigger?
I assume scoreboard, but after messing with it for an hour i have not had any luck.
or add more info... please...