DPC Merging With Smithed and Website Shutting Down

The DPC Discord is officially merging with Smithed under one community.

What is Smithed?
Smithed is a project led by TheNuclearNexus#8255. Smithed is a web app that's meant to serve as a launcher for datapacks, similar to how CurseForge is for mods, modpacks, etc. Among many features it gives players the possibility to easily install and merge datapacks together, gives exposure to datapack developers and provides a platform where datapacks can thrive outside of other Minecraft content.

What does this mean for DPC?
Most importantly it means that the main discord server is being moved to Smithed. The current DPC discord server will become an archive. Also very important to note - we are shutting down our website. The website has undeniably been a bit of a failure, so there is no point in keeping it alongside Smithed. The Smithed web app will work as a substitute for that, as it provides more function, and is actively developed. We are also letting go of the DPC name and branding in favor of Smithed.

***The website is planned to shut down in March of 2023

What about our community?

The Smithed discord will receive some changes to turn it into a more general datapack community, while still being focused on the project at hand. Our featureship system will be replaced by the one provided by Smithed. You can expect our occasional jams, watch parties and, other events to continue and maybe even pick up in frequency!

What is the reason for this merger?

The reality is that DPC has died and become redundant over the years. As it stands, it really offers nothing that isn't covered in a better way by other communities. It was really sad for me to see DPC in a state like this, so it's been decided that the best course of action is to provide something for our members through Smithed.

We hope to see you continuing to stay with us on this journey. Here's to a new chapter!

Smithed Website: Smithed
Smithed Discord
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