Data Pack Demiurge 1.7

Inferentiel submitted a new project:

Demiurge - Limited crafting version of minecraft, with custom changes

Minecraft: Limited Crafting Edition

This datapack modify drastically how you play minecraft, using a limited crafting rules.
Main recipes can be taught through basic advancements, but afterward you need to find every others one by exploring or killing monsters. You won't be able to have a full diamond enchanted gear at the end of day 1!

Various others modifications are here to lengthen the duration of the game:

  • No natural regeneration, you only...

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I found a bug!
When I unlocked the anvil and used it to combine 2 swords I lost 6 levels (as I should) but then I started to lag until I got to 1 fps, I was able to stop it temporarily by killing everything but the player.
I was able to fix it completely by giving my self 6 levels (XP).
Inferentiel updated Demiurge with a new update entry:

Balance - Stall Village

Main changes are here to enhance survivability of and in village, while making bosses less exploitable.

Add village map as base item
Add regeneration in village when food full
Make Iron golem more resistant
Improve advancement and reward from it
Add quality to mob drop (17 * 2), will be used for custom craft
Two times less boss
Added Elder guardian as boss (custom aura: summon guardian)
Added aura/capacity for boss: zombie (make baby zombs), husk, skeleton (lighting_bolt), stray, wither...

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Inferentiel updated Demiurge with a new update entry:

Endgame - Boss battle

Some modifications that allow the summon of harder version of the wither and the enderdragon, many balances and fix.

Added snow_golem and iron_golem to best_pet
Fix obsidian grade
Herobrine can pick up loot (your loot)
Wither and Whiter God attributes/abilities
EnderDragon and EnderDragon God attributes/abilities
EnderDragon loot dragon egg
Balance for Boss aura/abilities
Add sound for killing boss
Add advancement for name_tag
Add advancement for winning a raid in nether or end
Fish in...

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Inferentiel updated Demiurge with a new update entry:

1.15 update

Add Honeyblock and honeycomb_block knowledge book
Make advancement clearer
Add ingame book to explain this datapack
Add beacon, wither boss and enderdragon advancement
Change unlock from advancement
Improved Wandering trader with one random expensive chest loot
Speed up beginning (stick as base recipe, shield sooner)
Removed blue and green loots
Remove antigrief village key block (workstation, beds, doors, chests)

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