Cryo Lord Bossfight

Data Pack Cryo Lord Bossfight 2020-09-13


Yolo1324 submitted a new project:

Cryo Lord Bossfight - By Yolo1324

Cryo Lord Bossfight
By Yolo4321
This is the sequel to my Pyro Lord Bossfight datapack.

Cryo Lord
HeaIth: 5OO
Drops: Blizzard Scepter (A new 0P weapon. Right click to shoot the same icy projectiles as the Cryo Lord.)
Speed: Fast
DifficuIty: Hard
Attacks: Shoots frozen projectiles.
SpeciaI: Summons Frostbites.
Advancement after defeating him: "Defeating The Frozen"

Summoning aItar in one...
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