Data Pack CraftSound v3.2

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CraftSound - All crafting come with unique sounds!


want to spice up your Minecraft experience? Here! crafting with sound adds a lot of juice to the game.
all the sounds are vanilla sound just play when crafting with 18 sound. such as wood, stone, iron and etc!
have a good suggestion in your mind? do not wait! comment on it.

the current version is 3.0 please update if you are not using latest...
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Update v3.2 Wood&Stone update

new sounds variant of wood related item:
This sounds is dedicated for non-full block wood such as stick, wooden tools and oak stair
new sounds variant of stone related item:
This sounds is dedicated for non-full block stone such as furnace, stone tools and stone slab
new sounds type, Enchant, come in 2 variant:
one for conduit and another for end crystal, enchanting table, ender chest and beacon

minor: fix auto install won't installed (again)
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