Claim system


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I'm trying to tinker a claim system, anyone know or remember an old plugin called "sacred stones"?
So i tough to use the "adventure gamemode" as a default mode, setting it for the whole map and have a block that when placed set the gamemode to survival as long as the player stay in a determined range.
I'm not sure the way to go because I want to make multiplayer, and multiple people should be added and removed dinamically, I'm probably going the "chest ui" route, I tough to use a chest or barrel with the CanPlacedOn tag, and use player heads for the "visualization", each player head rappresent who is going to have the survival game mode assigned in that range.
Is there a way to forbid interaction with hoppers? I tough if i use a storage block someone might place a hopper under and mess it up. Should I worry about that? and the removal of a player? I'm thinking to make that if you click on a head it disappear, removing the person from the claim survival area.
The adding of a player is going to be by opening, meaning if someone reach your claim block and interact-open will be added, similar to the mechanic of a game called Rust, they have this tool cupboard that claim an area, and if friend of foe have access and open it they get building privilege.

Am I going in the right tough direction with this?

Thank you for your time.