Cave Biomes

Data Pack Cave Biomes 1.1.2a


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ImCoolYeah105 submitted a new project:

Cave Biomes - Redefine the underground with 34 new cave biomes, new dungeons, and more!

Cave Biomes requires the library Datapack Utils. You can find it's Planet Minecraft page here.

Redefine your Underground! Cave biomes adds 34 new randomly generated cave biomes, 6 new cave shapes, and 5 new structures to explore!

Current features include but are not limited to:
  • Improved normal cave generation
  • Overgrown caves
  • Underground Forests for each wood type
  • Ice Caves
  • Sandstone Caves...
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ImCoolYeah105 updated Cave Biomes with a new update entry:


WARNING: Datapack Utils 2.1.0 (and by extension Cave Biomes) have changed to a new world generation system to better improve compatibility with other datapacks. As a result, Cave Biomes will attempt to re-generate already existing chunks, potentially griefing underground structures or causing other mayhem. If you want to install on an existing world, install Datapack Utils 2.1.0 without Cave Biomes and fly around the areas you want to protect.

Updated to Datapack Utils v2.1.0...
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