Better Phantoms

Data Pack Better Phantoms 2.1


ChromaKey submitted a new project:

Better Phantoms - Reworks phantoms, adds a new item, and makes Elytra craftable.

This pack reworks the nature of phantoms to improve the gameplay experience. By default, it disables the insomnia mechanic on load. Phantoms now spawn naturally in the small End islands biome. Notice that this makes use of the experimental custom worldgen to spawn them.

Phantoms are also more difficult to kill at range alone; they will turn invisible for ten seconds upon being hit with a projectile. Any fire on them is also extinguished by this mechanic, so Flame can't be used to cheat it...

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ChromaKey updated Better Phantoms with a new update entry:


-Substantially increased the spawn rate of phantoms in the small End islands.

-Nerfed the flight duration of the Nightmare Rocket to 25

-The Blindness effect now lowers the follow range of entities. This is unaffected by the amplifier.

-Nightmare Rockets can now be fired from a crossbow. When fired, they have a flight duration of just 5 and have a small ball firework explosion attached to them. When an entity is damaged by the Nightmare Rocket, they are afflicted with Blindness for 7...

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