1. GuineaPvP

    Fear The Desert 0.1

    Only 2% of Datapack Members will get this reference!!! Welcome to Fear The Desert! A tribute pack to a long-lost pack known as Fear The Night. When I was first starting out as a modeler and datapacker I worked with Corbin and Jachro and others to create Fear The Night which added many...
  2. Solda9

    Ore and Log Revamp 1.1

    ➥ All the information in the description concerns the latest released version of the data pack. ➥ In the download link you will find all the released versions of the data pack. ➥ The resource pack on which this data pack depends is in the download link divided by version. # Intro: # General...
  3. iNkoR_the_2nd

    Sponsored More Mobs Snapshot 4A

    ATTENTION This data pack requires OptiFine. None of the mob textures work without it. Please make sure you have installed the latest release of OptiFine before playing "More Mobs". This data pack currently adds 20 mobs to the game. In the final release there will be 3 new bosses, 6 new...