1. Infamous

    Entity Persistence 0.5

    Entity Persistence Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack Dropped Items Never Despawn! Non-Mob Items will Never despawn! Arrows shot from skeletons can be picked up! Tridents you throw never disapear! Experience orbs and items dont burn or blow up! Exp orbs do despawn sadly. Rotten flesh, bones...
  2. Infamous

    Random Login Effects 0.2

    RLFX Random Login Effects - Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack Get a Random Effect on Login! Visual and Musical effects upon logging into a world! Commands: /trigger rlfx (Toggle Infinte Effects) /trigger rfx (Cycle thru visual effects) /trigger loginrlfx (toggle login effects) /trigger...
  3. Infamous

    Chains+ O.1

    Chains+ Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack Craft Chainmail into something worth using! This datapack allows you to add a health modifier to chestplates and elytras. (Elytras will get netherite plating) Crafting: Obtain a totem of undying and a nether star, put them in a crafting grid, a...