1. Infamous

    Thermodynamic 1.5

    Thermodynamic - Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack Create a super cold blast! Melt Pesky Obsidian! Cool lava and freeze water! Evaporate water and ice! How to Use Cryo-Bomb: Place a Blue Ice block on a Magma Block and it will create a Cryo-Bomb, the blast will turn nearby water/lava to its...
  2. Infamous

    Chains+ O.1

    Chains+ Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack Craft Chainmail into something worth using! This datapack allows you to add a health modifier to chestplates and elytras. (Elytras will get netherite plating) Crafting: Obtain a totem of undying and a nether star, put them in a crafting grid, a...