WorldTool 0.6-pre3

- Fixed brush process not setting its ID
This is a quick update to 1.17, more features will be coming in future updates.
- Updated to 1.17
- Fix for the process queue
Yes, the guns thing was just an april fools joke
Due to development becoming harder and harder, I decided to ditch the world edit aspect and instead go for a guns datapack!
- You need OP to use the guns
- Two gun types, with more coming in the future: explosion and ice.
- Type "/function worldtool:give" to give yourself a gun, the default one is explosion.
- Drop the gun to select a different one.
- Several bugfixes, including a fix for the destroy function and replacing with air not working
- Minor improvements
The reason this update exists is because it fixes a lot of bugs and contains a lot of improvements.
I still have more features planned for version 0.6, so this serves as a sort of in-between version.

- Added generation tool for generating shapes
- Fixed a lot of multiplayer issues
- With the non-general tool block picking, more blocks can now be picked
- A tool's actions are now shown in the tooltip
- Sneaking and throwing the general tool is now an alternative way to open the menu
- UI changes and fixes
- You can now select which alternating axises checkered uses
- You can now disable updating the brush block every time the brush is used, which causes there to be less latency when using it
- The [Options] button now shows up without needing both pos
- Added command functionality for command block chain and structure corner
- Added more error messages (yay!)
- Added an option to show a progress bar
- Added an option for performance warnings
- Added an option for making the space between menus a lot smaller
- Added an option for displaying a reload message
- Many bugfixes
- Many reworks
- Performance improvements
- Compatability improvements
- Fixed the brush tool not working correctly in the end
- Added a new brush for placing structures
- Destroy now is its own menu
- Reworked the internal block selection system
- Added a clone preview box to show how the selection is cloned
- Added [Back] buttons in most menus, making them easier to navigate
- Your current block is now displayed when selecting a new brush block
- Added [Pick block] buttons for the main tool menu
- You can now choose which positions to move in the nudge menu
- Added circle command functionality
- The (Air) button is now only for air, instead of being for both air and water
- UI fixes and tweaks
- You now get a warning for having a very big area selected
- You now have to wait to run something while another process is running
- Added a setting for forceloading positions set with commands
- Fixed some forceloaded chunks not being unmarked correctly
- Changed the uninstall function to worldtool:uninstall
- Changed the structure of spheres with sizes 5, 7 and 11
- You can now change the maximum raycasting distance
- Changed the ID system a bit
- Fixed some issues with the brush tool now working
- Fixed randomized blocks being displayed as destroyed blocks in the [Blocks per tick] menu
- Performance improvements
- Fixed Hollow not working sometimes
- Fixed Greenery's Replace not working with Exclude
- commandBlockOutput is now disabled when loading the data pack
- Fixed circle sizes 23 and 25 not working
- Fixed sphere size 13 with Hollow enabled not working properly
- Fixed bubble columns not counting as water
- Fixed some multiplayer issues