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WorldTool 0.2 (Beta)

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Ellivers (me)
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1.15,1.16 snapshots
A world editing datapack similar to WorldEdit or BlingEdit.

This datapack adds 2 tools as well as a command system to make editing your world as easy as pie. It has a lot more than the default vanilla editing system (aka fill, clone, etc.).
Here's a list of all the options you have with the tools: fill, remove, replace, replace but you only replace blocks that aren't a certain block, destroy (destroying blocks with particles and drops, works with replace and excluding replace), keep (works with everything else), clone (with both copy and move), rotating with clone, filtering a certain block, filtering to only clone blocks that are not of a certain block, changing the position of the cloning destination to either yourself or a block position that you get to set, measuring an area, randomizing which blocks are filled with from a selected area of blocks (compatible with replace, replace (exclude) and keep) and more.

  1. Go to %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\WORLDNAME\datapacks
  2. Paste the downloaded .zip file in there
  3. Type /reload in the world

Keep in mind that multiplayer support has not been tested yet.

Type /function worldtool:give to give yourself both tools; the general tool and the brush.

More information on how to use it:

Feel free to report any bugs or ask any questions you have to Ellivers#8020 on Discord.
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  1. 0.2 (Beta)

    - Blocks stored in brushes now save blockstates as well - Added a 'More' category to the menu -...
  2. 0.1.1

    - Fixed a bug where areas at the top of the world could get a bit weird - Added an error message...