VTeleport v0.3

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1.13.2, 1.14, 1.15, 1.15.2
VTeleport allows players to send teleport requests to other players. The request can be confirmed or denied. Players are teleported to each other only with permission when requests are confirmed. Since this is a datapack with a high potential for day 1 compatibility with new Minecraft versions, servers using this datapack to handle requests will be able to update to new Minecraft releases immediately.

Download the latest released zip file and place it in the datapacks folder inside your Minecraft world's folder. The datapack will load automatically when the world starts, or with the command /reload. This datapack should be compatible with Minecraft version 1.13 and all future releases, until current commands are removed or syntax is altered.
Currently there are 5 commands:
  • /trigger tpbook - Gives you a book with with all the VTeleport commands as clickable text.
  • /trigger tpa - Initiate a teleport request. GUI will appear allowing you to send the request. If the request is confirmed, you get teleported to the other player.
  • /trigger tpahere - Initiate a teleport request. GUI will appear allowing you to send the request. If the request is confirmed, the other player gets teleported to you.
  • /trigger tpcancel - Cancel the current request. You have a button that does the same thing after running the tpa command.
  • /function vteleport:admin/uninstall - Completely uninstalls datapack, deletes all data, scores, tags, etc, before disabling datapack.
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  1. VTeleport v0.3

    -/trigger tpahere added. Requests that a player teleports to you. -/function...
  2. VTeleport v0.2.1

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