removed VAC banner in advancements
fixed code syntax "library/ai/hide/mov/73/0"
fixed support 1.13 and 1.14 now all will be work (auto walk chesk in 1.13 not work)
fixed and optimized random (auto armor)
enchanted non-full block list(ka and cs update)
now module true elytra not more beta option
now added support fuernace,dropper,dispenser,hopper and shulkers in chest stealler check (you can disable all)
now auto armor can be disable(m_autoarmor)
now teleport module not reguired for another modules

added ignore list
added full support 1.16 blocks
optimization & bug fix:
fixed core, now will we work on 1.13-1.16 (1.14-1.16 checked)(1.16 snapshots)
fixed not detecting bowing and false work bowaimbot detector
upgraded ender pearl usage checker, now more correct and can change usage damage.
removed player id system(pid)
removed old\not needed code

added AutoWalk detect
added Elytra abuse detect(beta)
added module beta, now all new not checked\tested modules disables if this module turned off
added modules on/off in config
upgraded dev tool(debug)

optimization & bug fix:
fixed unnecessary matching and warning
optimized position fix
optimized on feedback debug
full remove clicker detector
gamemode check now work (I forgot to write a command to check the player gamemode :\ )
spectetor players not more checking (it can teleport to another players and im can`t detect using "player teleport")
another "small" bugs.
full support 1.15.x

first training now more correct.
add new event "check_run_event"
full remake "ai"
full updated design

updated spider check, was the detect another cheats
fixed air jump detect
fixed on web movement
fully fix false work if player death.
complex update no fall
change "mode" to "enable" in config
support depth_strider 3 enchantment
replaced 673 scoreboards to 1 scoreboard (vac-drop-1)
change #vac: player_item_drop_event
merge spider check in 72 id, 24 now only air jump
add No Knockback check
add sagr in config (send agreement player)
removed click detector (bad work)
removed example plugin
add path_event and 0_tick_use (look at fille "useful when creating a plugin.txt")

optimization cahnge (maximum values):
*With VAC (not learning)
**if player not move: 8ms 1tx 67rx
**if player move: 12ms 21tx 92rx

*Without VAC
**if player not move: 2ms 2tx 2rx
**if player move: 4ms 20tx 16rx

*With old VAC (not learning)(feather)
**if player not move: 9ms 15tx 82rx
**if player move: 23ms 36tx 130rx