UsefulWands 2.2.5

+ Added functions for giving wands seperately. (Ex. /function hcuw:give/torch_wand)

* Wand Names Changes
- Flame Wand => Fire Wand
- Freeze Wand => Freezer Wand
- Construct Wand => Builder Wand
- Destruct Wand => Breaker Wand
- Transmuter Wand => Transmutation Wand

Transmutation Wand
* Changed ( grass/sand ) transmutation to ( grass/podzol/grass_path )

+ Ability to change polished stone blocks with the transmuter wand!


* Using a regular carrot on a stick once will not disable wands. (Thought I fixed that bug, guess not)

* Fixed actionbar title for the transmuter wand not showing.

* Changed name of Transmute Wand to Transmuter Wand to fit the naming conventions of the other wands.

+ Added Transmutater Wand
- Turns blocks from one form to another.
- Changeable Block Types : stone, wood, leaves, saplings, and ground.

+ Added Advancements

+ Added Cooldown Bar


* Cat Wand now has toggle-able rapid fire!

* Datapack namespace changed from usefulwands to hcuw

* Fall damage is now negated when using the Ender Wand

* Shift Modes for Cat Wand Speed

* Magicoal Message is now an actionbar title instead of a chat message

* Fortune Enchanted Destruct Wand is internally better

* Flame Wand Recipe Changed now uses fire charges instead of magma cream

* Give function separated into give_misc and give_wands

* Reverted Construct Wand and Destruct Wand to use projectiles again to bring back the magical feel of the datapack. (Thanks MinecraftDoodler, for suggesting I do this!)

* The particle trail color for the construct wand now matches the 6 wood types.

* Minor Fixes

** Things that didn't work in cave air work now. (Major Bug Crunch)

** Using a regular carrot on a stick will no longer break the ability to use wands. (This must've been in here for quite a while, oops)

** The Wandy Bench Modifier is now a ground crafting recipe.
It's the same recipe as before, just not on a crafting grid.
(4x Iron Nugget, 4x Lapis Lazuli, 1x Gold Nugget)

** Destruct Wand can now use Fortune Enchantment! :D

** Torch wand can now place torches on walls

** Construct and Destruct wands no longer use projectiles. (Block outlines & Instant place/break)

** Block Painter can now paint terracotta, concrete, and concrete powder.

* The cooldown for wands is now separated from the objective that detects the use of a carrot on a stick.

* Shorter Wand Cooldowns.

* The 10th and 11th cat types can now show when shooting a cat projectile.

* Changed how the cat projectile works. (No noticable difference)

* Minor Fixes & Changes

* The Wandy Bench Modifier is craftable again! (I'm so bad at this stuff)

* Torch Wand doesn't need torches anymore!

* Fire Wand, Freeze Wand, and Torch Wand can be shot without having to be looking at a block within 32 blocks.

* Very Minor Changes

* Changed some actionbar title messages.

* The block outline for the Block Painter Wand is now visible.

* You now get a No Magicoal message when trying to move a chest with the chest mover wand without Magicoal.

* Other Minor Changes

+ 3 New Wands

- Exploding Cat Wand -
Shoots cats that explode on impact.

- Container Movement Wand -
Moves chests from one place to another

- Block Painter Wand -
Paints wool and carpets with dye from your offhand. (Doesn't require fuel)


* The Ender Wand has had a BIG CHANGE.

- It's now blink teleportation instead of shooting a projectile that teleports the player after it lands.
- You can't have a failed teleportation.

* You now have to be looking at something within 32 blocks to use a wand.

* When crafting magicoal, you now get 64 instead of 16.

* Minor Changes