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This datapack adds 10+ wands to Minecraft for building and defending.

Not fully tested in multiplayer yet.

Wand - Shoots a projectile that moves 32 blocks amd then disappears.

Wands :

  • Torch Wand - Places torches.

  • Water Wand - Places Water.

  • Fire Wand - Sets fire and burns mobs.

  • Freeze Wand - Freezes water, freezes mobs for 6 seconds.

  • Construct Wand - Places Solid Wooden Blocks from your offhand. (The lack of blocks you can place is temporary because it will take quite a while to get all the blocks to be placeable, especially directional ones.)

  • Destruct Wand - Destroys blocks.

  • Ender Wand - Teleports the user.

  • Exploding Cat Wand - Shoots Exploding Cats.

  • Chest Mover Wand - Moves chests/barrels from one place to another.

  • Block Painter Wand - Paints color-able blocks with dye from your offhand. (No Fuel Needed)

  • Transmuter Wand - Trans-mutates blocks in a 5x5x5 area when the shot projectile hits a specific type of block. Shift and shoot to turn blocks to the previous block type. Example : Hitting a plank block will change it and the planks around it to the next wood type.
Other Items :
  • Magic Core - Tier I - A Wandy Bench Crafting Ingredient that's used in most wands

  • Magic Core - Tier II - A Wandy Bench Crafting Ingredient that's used in the ender wand recipe

  • Magicoal - Item that fuels wands while inside your inventory.
Wandy Bench :
Made by throwing a Wandy Bench Modifier on top of an enchanting table

Wandy Bench Modifier Ground Crafting Recipe :


Wandy Bench Recipes :

Wandy Bench Block :
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Honestly amazing pack. Although a few of the wands aren't that "useful", it's very helpful to make mid/endgame easier.
A very nice and well thought out data pack, sure to create many memorable experiences for users.