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  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
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This datapack adds 10+ wands to Minecraft for building and defending.

Not fully tested in multiplayer yet.

No need to extract the datapack, just put the zip in it's respective folder.

To get the wands in creative, type the command
/function hcuw:give_wands
To get the other items, type the command /function hcuw:give_misc

Wand - Shoots a projectile that moves 32 blocks amd then disappears.

Wands :

  • Torch Wand - Places torches.

  • Water Wand - Places Water.

  • Fire Wand - Sets fire and burns mobs.

  • Freezer Wand - Freezes water, freezes mobs for 6 seconds.

  • Builder Wand - Places Solid Wooden Blocks from your offhand. (The lack of blocks you can place is temporary because it will take quite a while to get all the blocks to be placeable, especially directional ones.)

  • Breaker Wand - Destroys blocks.

  • Ender Wand - Teleports the user.

  • Exploding Cat Wand - Shoots Exploding Cats.

  • Chest Mover Wand - Moves chests/barrels from one place to another.

  • Block Painter Wand - Paints color-able blocks with dye from your offhand. (No Fuel Needed)

  • Transmutation Wand - Trans-mutates blocks in a 5x5x5 area when the shot projectile hits a specific type of block. Shift and shoot to turn blocks to the previous block type. Example : Hitting a plank block will change it and the planks around it to the next wood type.
Other Items :
  • Magic Core - Tier I - A Wandy Bench Crafting Ingredient that's used in most wands

  • Magic Core - Tier II - A Wandy Bench Crafting Ingredient that's used in the ender wand recipe

  • Magicoal - Item that fuels wands while inside your inventory.
Wandy Bench :
Made by throwing a Wandy Bench Modifier on top of an enchanting table

Wandy Bench Modifier Ground Crafting Recipe :


Wandy Bench Recipes :


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Latest updates

  1. Update 2.2.5 (More Functions)

    + Added functions for giving wands seperately. (Ex. /function hcuw:give/torch_wand)
  2. Update 2.2.4 (Name Changes)

    Changes * Wand Names Changes - Flame Wand => Fire Wand - Freeze Wand => Freezer Wand -...
  3. Update 2.2.3 (Small Addition + Fixes)

    Additions + Ability to change polished stone blocks with the transmuter wand! Changes *...

Latest reviews

Honestly amazing pack. Although a few of the wands aren't that "useful", it's very helpful to make mid/endgame easier.
A very nice and well thought out data pack, sure to create many memorable experiences for users.