Undermagic Beta 32

Adding a new miniboss and a new utility mechanic.
  • Added Ritual of the Bloodletter
  • Added Bloodstone
  • Added Bloodstone Elemental miniboss
  • Added Animal Creation rituals
A QoL change and bug fixes.
  • Added Sanguis Inspectorum
  • Fixed an oversight that made Blood Infusions cost no Blood
Undermagic is not dead, contrary to what you probably thought - my hiatus was simply much longer than expected. And as such, I present to you: Beta 6 - the Blood Magic Update!
  • Added the Blood Crucible
  • Added Alchemical Pedestals
  • Added a new crafting process: Blood Infusion
    • Because every mod needs an Infusion Altar
  • Added a new melee weapon: the Bloody Edge
Please see the guide document for further details, including the content of the update. Guide Document

You'll probably be happy to know that a new boss is coming soon. But first, QoL machines!
In the future, I'll try to avoid releasing bugged versions!
  • Fixed a bug
  • Improved performance
You didn't think I'd make a boss drop with no uses, did you?
  • Added the Pit Lord's Chestplate
No resource pack update is required.
Another Undermagic update is here, and this one's a big one:
  • Added the Demon Portal Stabilizer
  • Added the Pit Lord
  • Made Greater Demon rare drops more common (sword shards and heartstones)
A couple quick fixes:
  • Made blueprints actually required to make the Bow of Niflheim
  • Made blueprints actually spawn in igloo chests
A new, unique weapon has been added!
  • Added the Bow of Niflheim
The first ranged weaponry is here!
  • Added Demonic Reinforced Bow
  • Removed the 3d model for the Demonic Steel Longsword
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added a fancy welcome message instructing you to download the resource pack
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