Undermagic Beta 37

Tweaks to bosses and more:
  • Prismarine shards, nether stars, Pit Lord's Hearts, and Crystallized Blood Essence can now fuel a Blood Chalice.
    • The boss drops provide greatly increased blood over normal drops (100 per star, 200 per heart, 10 per essence).
  • Pit Lord's range at which it teleports you to it has been slightly increased only on vanilla difficulties. It remains the same on Lunatic. Additionally, on vanilla difficulties, it takes 1 second longer to teleport you, giving you enough warning to put up a shield or charge a bow.
  • Blood Amalgam cannot stray too far away from a Blood Chalice. Its nodules teleport to it if they get too far away.
  • On Lunatic difficulty, the Blood Amalgam forces you to remain close to it. If you leave the fight, it teleports you back. This teleportation is instant, unlike the Pit Lord's flame grasp.
  • On Lunatic difficulty, the Wither prevents you from getting too far away. If you leave the fight, it teleports you back. This teleportation is instant, unlike the Pit Lord's flame grasp.
    • Note that the Wither's teleport range is much larger than the Blood Amalgam's.
Plenty of features and fixes:
  • Added Self-Infusion, and the 6 initial infusions: Elemental Limbs, Ironskin, Flame Body, Tolerance, Enderlord, and Draconic Aspect.
  • Added Horses and Donkeys to the Animal Creation rituals. See the guide doc for the recipes
  • Fixed a bug that broke both bosses if you had never changed Undermagic's difficulty on the world
No resource pack update is required for this version.
Many balance changes made, reducing the overall grind factor severely:
  • Lesser Demons can now drop sword shards with a lower chance
  • Demons now spawn from Wither Skeletons as well as Ghasts
  • Demonic Steel can now be made in large quantities using sword shards instead of the common drops
Polishing changes made as well:
  • Demon Arms no longer drop
  • When killed by a demon, you do not show up as having been killed with a Demon Arm
No resource pack update is required for this version.
Hotfix for a hotfix.
  • Fixed Demonic Steel still being uncraftable lol
A hotfix to fix an issue:
  • Demonic Steel Ingot and Helmet are craftable again
Major polishing done:
  • Demon Skin and Demon Bone have unique textures now
  • All demon drops can no longer be used as their vanilla counterparts
  • The Undercrafter has a unique model now
  • Greater Demons nerfed. They are still stronger than Lessers
A new tier has been added to the Blood Altar, among other things:
  • Added the Blood Amalgam's Lunatic drop
  • Added Blood Monoliths, which are needed to reach Blood Altar tier IV
  • Allowed you to use the Blood Altar to dupe nether stars
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the guide doc and in-game that made the Bloodstained armor require the wrong amount of bloodstone (8 instead of 10) with the side effect of making it uncraftable
  • Fixed bugs
First update in a while, with a lot of changes. Enjoy.
  • Added Lunatic drops for the Ender Dragon, Wither, and Pit Lord.
    • Blood Amalgam's drop will come soon. It will require Tier IV Boosters to use, which I haven't made yet. If you want to see what it will be, check the guide doc.
    • If you want to know how to get these drops and what they do, head over to the guide doc or ask in my Discord.
  • Rebalanced all Undermagic armors:
    • Dark Energy-based armors (Demonic Steel, Pit Lord's Chestplate) have been heavily nerfed (you lose much more Dark Energy when hit).
      • Dark Energy armors now can protect against only 20 consecutive hits and don't provide complete protection, but can regenerate mid-battle at no cost. Additionally, they have much more protection than their parallel.
      • Please let me know what you think of this; it may have been a bit much.
    • Blood-based armors (Bloodstained) have been buffed (the healing effect consumes less blood).
      • Blood armors now can protect against 95 consecutive hits, but only when fully filled. In addition, bigger hits may not be fully blocked, the armor has less protection, and it is costly to regenerate and cannot restore itself mid-battle.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Bloodstained armor no longer can restore its Blood in the presence of the Ender Dragon or Blood Amalgam.
The guide doc always contains the content of updates before they are released, and often contains teasers as well, so check it out in the project description.
Vanilla bosses are now affected by Lunatic difficulty:
  • The Ender Dragon charges you at hyperspeed when coming off its perch, and calls down fireballs from the sky throughout the fight.
  • The Wither takes 20% less damage, and while its armor is up, it summons wither skeletons and has huge health regen.
Unique drops will come next update.
Removed music as it made the resource pack too large.