Undermagic Beta 11

Vanilla bosses are now affected by Lunatic difficulty:
  • The Ender Dragon charges you at hyperspeed when coming off its perch, and calls down fireballs from the sky throughout the fight.
  • The Wither takes 20% less damage, and while its armor is up, it summons wither skeletons and has huge health regen.
Unique drops will come next update.
Removed music as it made the resource pack too large.
A couple features:
  • Added music to complement my boss fights.
    • Music is from the Calamity Mod OST by DM DOKURO.
      • Used songs: Blood Coagulant (ft. SixteenInMono) and Infernal Catharsis (Rebirth), for the Blood Amalgam and Pit Lord, respectively.
    • Yes, it's very meta to use music from a mod in a mod.
    • You can find the original songs on YouTube or SoundCloud; I quite like them personally.
  • Added Lunatic difficulty level.
    • To turn it on, use /scoreboard players set difficulty um.dummy 1 (requires op)
    • To turn it off, use /scoreboard players set difficulty um.dummy 0 (requires op)
    • Locks game difficulty to Hard, and boosts Undermagic bosses:
      • Pit Lord gains more armor and damage, attacks much faster, and gains absorption much more often.
      • Blood Amalgam attacks much faster and summons additional Nodules.
    • In the future, Lunatic bosses will have special drops, but not yet.
    • Bosses will generally require more preparation and skill, above that of Hard difficulty.
This is going to be a terrible night... Yep, that's right. It's time for another boss.
  • Added the Blood Amalgam
  • Added its summoning item, the Sanguine Eye
  • Added its drop, Crystallized Blood Essence
Plenty of new content and changes.
  • Added Carnage, an upgradeable mining tool
  • Added Bloodstained Armor
  • Sanguis Inspectorum can now read the blood within Bloodstained Armor
  • Changed Bloodstone texture
Adding a new miniboss and a new utility mechanic.
  • Added Ritual of the Bloodletter
  • Added Bloodstone
  • Added Bloodstone Elemental miniboss
  • Added Animal Creation rituals
A QoL change and bug fixes.
  • Added Sanguis Inspectorum
  • Fixed an oversight that made Blood Infusions cost no Blood
Undermagic is not dead, contrary to what you probably thought - my hiatus was simply much longer than expected. And as such, I present to you: Beta 6 - the Blood Magic Update!
  • Added the Blood Crucible
  • Added Alchemical Pedestals
  • Added a new crafting process: Blood Infusion
    • Because every mod needs an Infusion Altar
  • Added a new melee weapon: the Bloody Edge
Please see the guide document for further details, including the content of the update. Guide Document

You'll probably be happy to know that a new boss is coming soon. But first, QoL machines!
In the future, I'll try to avoid releasing bugged versions!
  • Fixed a bug
  • Improved performance
You didn't think I'd make a boss drop with no uses, did you?
  • Added the Pit Lord's Chestplate
No resource pack update is required.