Undermagic Beta 32

The Abyss has been changed into a custom dimension!
  • Abyss dimension added
  • Abyssal Spires added
  • Abyssal Revenants added
  • Abyss nether biome removed
  • Fixed bugs, including the Crown of Ruin not functioning
Undermagic is now compatible with the newest Minecraft version!
  • Updated to 1.16-rc1 (and by extension, 1.16 release). With such a large update, many things have changed internally. If you find a bug or oversight, please report it on my Discord server.
  • Added Undermagic items, primarily demon drops, to Piglin bartering loot, bastion loot, and ruined portal loot.
  • Fixed a bug that made Ghasts suffocate to death inside custom structures.
The first familiar is here!
  • Added the Wyrmling familiar and its summoning item the Mythical Dragon Egg
    • Currently Infernal exclusive. This will change in the future
  • Removed April 1st funnies (the new boss reworks are still present)
  • Reworked The Elder and Blood Amalgam
  • Reverted demons to their Beta 1 form
  • Buffed the Pit Lord
  • More™
Even more new features made to improve the game:
  • Natural Demon and Shadebeast spawns removed
  • Demons reworked completely; they no longer fly, except for a dash attack they perform sometimes. Greaters can also shoot fireballs
  • Demon Towers added to the Nether
  • Shadow Rifts are now permanent and have a little obsidian structure spawn with them
  • The Elder's deathray is now an actual ray
After several angry complaints from Boomber peaceful feedback reports, I have made several balancing changes. I also took note of some items' kill times on bosses such as Shadesull and the Pit Lord and nerfed them accordingly. Without further ado:
  • Nerfed most mobs, notably both varieties of Demons
  • Nerfed Diamond Piercer, Prismatic Scepter, and Abyss Ranger armor
  • Bugs fixed
I am pleased to say that I am resuming Undermagic updates on DPC today. It is obvious to me that the DPC team (soon to be rebranded to The Minecraft Hub, which I find much better than Minecrafty) is making changes to improve their systems.

Many changes have been made since the last Undermagic update on DPC. I recommend reading over the guide doc once more to see what has been added.
Bugs were introduced by the optimizations made in Beta 22. These bugs have been fixed. Thanks to NoahDecker for reporting them.
Undermagic now follows Minecraft Datapacks's advancement convention.