Undermagic Beta 37

The DPC download now links to the PMC page.
Please see PMC for the full changelog.
Looks like I missed a couple versions. This update contains all content from Betas 33 and 34.
The Abyss has been changed into a custom dimension!
  • Abyss dimension added
  • Abyssal Spires added
  • Abyssal Revenants added
  • Abyss nether biome removed
  • Fixed bugs, including the Crown of Ruin not functioning
Undermagic is now compatible with the newest Minecraft version!
  • Updated to 1.16-rc1 (and by extension, 1.16 release). With such a large update, many things have changed internally. If you find a bug or oversight, please report it on my Discord server.
  • Added Undermagic items, primarily demon drops, to Piglin bartering loot, bastion loot, and ruined portal loot.
  • Fixed a bug that made Ghasts suffocate to death inside custom structures.
The first familiar is here!
  • Added the Wyrmling familiar and its summoning item the Mythical Dragon Egg
    • Currently Infernal exclusive. This will change in the future
  • Removed April 1st funnies (the new boss reworks are still present)
  • Reworked The Elder and Blood Amalgam
  • Reverted demons to their Beta 1 form
  • Buffed the Pit Lord
  • More™
Even more new features made to improve the game:
  • Natural Demon and Shadebeast spawns removed
  • Demons reworked completely; they no longer fly, except for a dash attack they perform sometimes. Greaters can also shoot fireballs
  • Demon Towers added to the Nether
  • Shadow Rifts are now permanent and have a little obsidian structure spawn with them
  • The Elder's deathray is now an actual ray
After several angry complaints from Boomber peaceful feedback reports, I have made several balancing changes. I also took note of some items' kill times on bosses such as Shadesull and the Pit Lord and nerfed them accordingly. Without further ado:
  • Nerfed most mobs, notably both varieties of Demons
  • Nerfed Diamond Piercer, Prismatic Scepter, and Abyss Ranger armor
  • Bugs fixed