Undermagic Resource Pack

Sponsored Undermagic Resource Pack Beta 37

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See PMC for the changelog.
All content from Betas 33 and 34.
The Abyss has been changed into a custom dimension!
  • Abyss dimension added
  • Abyssal Spires added
  • Abyssal Revenants added
  • Abyss nether biome removed
  • Fixed bugs, including the Crown of Ruin not functioning
I am pleased to say that I am resuming Undermagic updates on DPC today. It is obvious to me that the DPC team (soon to be rebranded to The Minecraft Hub, which I find much better than Minecrafty) is making changes to improve their systems.

Many changes have been made since the last Undermagic update on DPC. I recommend reading over the guide doc once more to see what has been added.
Added the new magic weapons.
Please see the main Undermagic changelog for this update, as it is quite a large changelog.

The resource pack is much larger now as music was added.
New features:
  • New difficulty: Infernal!
    • Infernal difficulty is even harder than Lunatic, and has additional changes that completely revamp the boss fights.
  • New mob: Ender Wyrmlings!
    • Ender Wyrmlings spawn in small amounts throughout the End after the dragon is defeated. They also guard the ender crystals on Lunatic difficulty, and spawn in swarms on Infernal.
  • The Ender Dragon now drops Dragon Scales, which can be used to make armor alongside a bit of Dragon Breath. Dragon-Scale armor grants functioning wings!
Many changes have been made:
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.15. The pack is NOT backwards compatible anymore. Use an older version (Beta 18 or prior) if you wish to continue playing on 1.14.
  • Added new mobs:
    • Shadebeasts spawn at night rarely in the Overworld, and in large quantities at Shadow Rifts in the Nether. They attack from the shadows, blinding players and teleporting around.
    • The Shadebeast Alpha is a miniboss that spawns when you kill several Shadebeasts. It is a much stronger Shadebeast that can also fire dark orbs.
    • Salamanders spawn in the Nether near magma. They chase players and vomit fireballs. Baby Zombie Pigmen can also rarely spawn as Salamander Riders.
  • Added advancements for all three progression trees!
  • Added Teleporters and related objects: Locator Cards, Bound Locator Cards, and Recall Locator Cards. See the updated guide doc for details.