Undermagic Resource Pack

Undermagic Resource Pack Beta 12

First update in a while, with a lot of changes. Enjoy.
  • Added Lunatic drops for the Ender Dragon, Wither, and Pit Lord.
    • Blood Amalgam's drop will come soon. It will require Tier IV Boosters to use, which I haven't made yet. If you want to see what it will be, check the guide doc.
    • If you want to know how to get these drops and what they do, head over to the guide doc or ask in my Discord.
  • Rebalanced all Undermagic armors:
    • Dark Energy-based armors (Demonic Steel, Pit Lord's Chestplate) have been heavily nerfed (you lose much more Dark Energy when hit).
      • Dark Energy armors now can protect against only 20 consecutive hits and don't provide complete protection, but can regenerate mid-battle at no cost. Additionally, they have much more protection than their parallel.
      • Please let me know what you think of this; it may have been a bit much.
    • Blood-based armors (Bloodstained) have been buffed (the healing effect consumes less blood).
      • Blood armors now can protect against 95 consecutive hits, but only when fully filled. In addition, bigger hits may not be fully blocked, the armor has less protection, and it is costly to regenerate and cannot restore itself mid-battle.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Bloodstained armor no longer can restore its Blood in the presence of the Ender Dragon or Blood Amalgam.
The guide doc always contains the content of updates before they are released, and often contains teasers as well, so check it out in the project description.
A feature:
  • Added Lunatic difficulty level.
    • To turn it on, use /scoreboard players set difficulty um.dummy 1 (requires op)
    • To turn it off, use /scoreboard players set difficulty um.dummy 0 (requires op)
    • Locks game difficulty to Hard, and boosts Undermagic bosses:
      • Pit Lord gains more armor and damage, attacks much faster, and gains absorption much more often.
      • Blood Amalgam attacks much faster and summons additional Nodules.
    • In the future, Lunatic bosses will have special drops, but not yet.
    • Bosses will generally require more preparation and skill, above that of Hard difficulty.
This is going to be a terrible night... Yep, that's right. It's time for another boss.
  • Added the Blood Amalgam
  • Added its summoning item, the Sanguine Eye
  • Added its drop, Crystallized Blood Essence
Lots of new content and changes.
  • Added Carnage, an upgradeable mining tool
  • Added Bloodstained Armor
  • Sanguis Inspectorum can now read the blood within Bloodstained Armor
  • Changed Bloodstone texture
Adding a new miniboss and a new utility mechanic.
  • Added Ritual of the Bloodletter
  • Added Bloodstone
  • Added Bloodstone Elemental miniboss
  • Added Animal Creation rituals
A QoL change and bug fixes.
  • Added Sanguis Inspectorum
  • Fixed an oversight that made Blood Infusions cost no Blood
Please see the main Undermagic project for details.
Another Undermagic update is here, and this one's a big one:
  • Added the Demon Portal Stabilizer
  • Added the Pit Lord
  • Made Greater Demon rare drops more common (sword shards and heartstones)
A new, unique weapon has been added!
  • Added the Bow of Niflheim
The first ranged weaponry is here!
  • Added Demonic Reinforced Bow
  • Removed the 3d model for the Demonic Steel Longsword
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added a fancy welcome message instructing you to download the resource pack