Truly Random Message of the Day

Truly Random Message of the Day 5.7

Version 5.5:
Fixed Login Effect Bug.
Version 5.4:
Fixed the 2nd login bug where players wouldnt receive a message.
fixed some other bugs
Version 4.8:
Added 400 New Messages from 2b2t's Motd list. Now 1500 Messages.
Bug fixes: /trigger stoprecord command now stops all sounds. (previously just records)
Version 4.7.7:
Added 409 New Messages, Total Message Count: 1100
Fixed music and effects to fit with new numbers
Message sources: Discord Loading Lines, Google Translate Resource Pack, Random Ideas, 2b2t Motds, minecraft advancements.
Version 4.7.5:
Added: 31 Messages, Total Message count now: 691
Functionality Update: added Toggle Commands to enable/Disable The music and Effects on login.
/trigger <ToggleRecord-ToggleRFX>
ToggleRecord: Toggle whether Music plays on login
ToggleRFX: Toggle whether Effects play at login.
Version 4.7
Funtionality Update:
Added 4 Commands, /trigger <motd-stoprecord-rfxON-rfxOFF>
motd: sends the player a random message
stoprecord: stops the music that plays.
rfxON: Turn on Effects for yourself.
rfxOFF: Turn off Effects for yourself.
Version 4.6
Functionality Update:
Added random effects to logins, such as, music playing, cloaks, area effects and auras.
V4.5: Functionality Update:
Welcome new players to the server with a server-wide Greeting that everyone can see with the new players name.
(new players get a server-wide greeting)

V4.4: Bug fix: The new player message no longer broadcasts server-wide.
(New players get a personal welcome message)

V4.3: Added 400 Messages Bringing the total Number of Random Messages to 660.

V4.2: Added 134 Messages Bringing the total Number of Random Messages to 260.