Truly Random Message of the Day

Truly Random Message of the Day 6.3

Version 6.3 COVID:
Added 49 Messages. Total now: 2000 (2002 technically, but the 2 arent ever seen.)
Cleaned up the code, Fixed some small bugs and some new bugs and some weird bugs.
Moved more code from the main datapack to the Add-on to save on performance in the case its not intalled.
Bugs (fixed):
Server crash would cause people online during crash to get a welcome message on return
/trigger rfxON/OFF has been replaced with /trigger RFX due to some weird interference and to save on performace.
/trigger motd will no longer play music when used to prevent annoyance.
/trigger motd cleaned up code
Other smaller bugs which slip the developers mind currently.
MOTDRecord v1.3:
Updated Score Functions.
If you update from Motd v6.1 to v6.3 you must also update this if you use the Add-On.
Cleaned up Code.
Version 6.3 Lite:
Stripped Music/Effects/stoprecord.
Still has classic 2000 Messages, much more Performance Friendly.
Version 6.3 PG:
Contains 1000 Family Friendly Messages.
Stripped Music/Effects/stoprecord Functions. Very Very Preformance Friendly.
Version 6.2 - Lite(PG):
Has /trigger motd
Contains 998 Family Friendly Messages.(and 2 unfriendly.) No Music or Effects Functionality.
Version 6.1: Performance and Functionality Update.
Added 263 Messages. Total is now: 1952
Stripped Music and Effects into a seperate pack. Set RFX and Music to be off by default.
Added all Futurama MOTD's, Added all of Realms's Twitch Quotes as of 3-27-20, 2b2t motds.
MOTDRecord v1.1:
Add-on for music andd effects.
Version 5.8: COVID-19 Update
Added 109 New messages,
Added 16 Static Health/Safety Messages related to the current COVID-19 Pandemic.
Stay Safe!
Wash your hands!
Use hand sanitizer!
Shop for your elders!
Save the world – stay inside!
Support local businesses!
Stay home and play games!
Stay strong!
Cough or sneeze into your elbow!
Don’t touch your face!
Support elderly relatives and friends!
Prepare, but don’t hoard!
Gamers unite – separately in your own homes!
Save the world – stay inside!
Hang out with your friends online!
Soap and water!
Version 5.7:
Fixed rfxON/OFF Functionality.
Version 5.6:
Added 80 new Messages, Added 1 New effect.
Version 5.5.2:
Updated rfxON to always stay on when the player desires it.
Version 5.5.1:
Re-fixed Login effect bug.
Version 5.5:
Fixed Login Effect Bug.
Version 5.4:
Fixed the 2nd login bug where players wouldnt receive a message.
fixed some other bugs
Version 4.8:
Added 400 New Messages from 2b2t's Motd list. Now 1500 Messages.
Bug fixes: /trigger stoprecord command now stops all sounds. (previously just records)
Version 4.7.7:
Added 409 New Messages, Total Message Count: 1100
Fixed music and effects to fit with new numbers
Message sources: Discord Loading Lines, Google Translate Resource Pack, Random Ideas, 2b2t Motds, minecraft advancements.
Version 4.7.5:
Added: 31 Messages, Total Message count now: 691
Functionality Update: added Toggle Commands to enable/Disable The music and Effects on login.
/trigger <ToggleRecord-ToggleRFX>
ToggleRecord: Toggle whether Music plays on login
ToggleRFX: Toggle whether Effects play at login.
Version 4.7
Funtionality Update:
Added 4 Commands, /trigger <motd-stoprecord-rfxON-rfxOFF>
motd: sends the player a random message
stoprecord: stops the music that plays.
rfxON: Turn on Effects for yourself.
rfxOFF: Turn off Effects for yourself.
Version 4.6
Functionality Update:
Added random effects to logins, such as, music playing, cloaks, area effects and auras.
V4.5: Functionality Update:
Welcome new players to the server with a server-wide Greeting that everyone can see with the new players name.
(new players get a server-wide greeting)

V4.4: Bug fix: The new player message no longer broadcasts server-wide.
(New players get a personal welcome message)

V4.3: Added 400 Messages Bringing the total Number of Random Messages to 660.

V4.2: Added 134 Messages Bringing the total Number of Random Messages to 260.