True Survival Mode

True Survival Mode Version 4.4.1

New Features/Gameplay:
  • 8 Unique loot bundles added, all with unique semi-randomized content. Bundle acquired by breaking spawners, with the bundle given corresponding to the dimension and/or structure you break the spawner in.
  • Loot bundles have a chance to contain 8 unique shields, also corresponding with the dimension and/or structure you found it in.
  • New Cravings system. When you wake, you're a given a craving which you have until that night to fulfill. Fulfilling the craving will reward you with experience and the strength effect.
  • Skeleton Vikings now have a chance to drop a Viking Axe. Viking Axes can have either sharpness or looting enchanted onto it.
  • Can convert Evokers into Artisan villagers. Do this by splashing with weakness potion and renaming with nametag. Artisans sell decorational variants like Invisible Item Frames and Armor Stands with arms.
  • Artisan Scrap is a new item dropped by Evokers and Pillagers while inside a mansion.
  • Silverfish Eggs are a new item dropped by Infested Mobs (Hostile mobs inside a stronghold).
  • Deepmobs (mobs below y=0) can now Pilfer. Hitting the player will destroy a single torch inside their inventory.
  • Craft the Dragon Fruit at the Custom Crafting Table with a dragon egg and an enchanted golden apple. Eating one will expand your maximum health by 3 hearts (6HP).
  • Nomads (custom True Survival wandering traders) will sell players Explorer Kits. These kits will contain helpful loot for the dimension including an explorer map leading to a nearby structure.
To view the full changelog, visit the blogpost here. Many minor changes have occurred to improve True Survival performance and cohesiveness!
The previous changes made to make the crafter more compatible with server plugins also opened it up to some unintended consequences. The following changes have been enacted to make it all nice and shiny. Will prevent further whackiness with the hero of the village effect and villager reputation.

  • All trade recipes' specialPrice tag set to '0'.
  • All trade recipes' priceMultiplier tag set to '0'.
  • Crafter set to maximum level to prevent pointless experience bar.
The fishing nets received for having hero of the village near a fisherman villager were not correctly tagged, resulting in fishtraps made with those nets not to function at all. This is now amended!

(Make sure to check out the Version 3.0 information below)
Check out the full 120+ item changelog here!
There were some incompatibilities regarding the custom crafter when using a Paper multiplayer server. Custom crafter entities were being edited by the server to have only partially NoAI, drinking their milk and invisibility potions. These issues should now be fixed!

(Custom crafter entity switched from wandering trader to villager)

(Make sure to check out the Version 3.0 information below)
Check out the full 120+ item changelog here!
This update comes with a new healing feature, and a couple reworks/rebalances!

-NEW: Passive regeneration! If you have 16 hunger or more and are in light levels of 8 or greater, you'll now heal half a heart every 3 minutes. This should help with random poke damage and curb wood consumption a small amount, without removing too much danger. (Campfires provide strong light levels :D)

-Copper beacons have had the oxidized copper block removed. Now, using unwaxed copper on a beacon will implement a sort of timer as a balance to using a cheaper metal to make your beacon pyramid. However, you can still use oxidized copper and other variants for infinite time should you wax them with honeycomb.

-The hunger taxes from netherite/diamond chestplates and campfire healing should be slightly less punishing now.

-The absorption effect from REM Sleep has been reduced from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.

-Gilded bartering loot has been made a bit less lucrative. No items have been changed or removed, just the amount of items yielded.

-Copper from drowned droprate has been increased to match the latest 1.17.1 pre-release. (11% increased by 2% per looting level)

(Make sure to check out the Version 3.0 information below)
Check out the full 120+ item changelog here.
Pushing several hotfixes involving the new item predicate format.

Check out the full 120+ item changelog here.

This update has done everything imaginable and more! If you don't feel like reading the full changelog, here's a brief overview:

There are all new features like:
- A new structure in the soulsand valley
- A reworked Wither boss fight
- Parasitic silverfish in the stronghold
- New custom crafter station
- Integration with 1.17 features like copper
- A new lumberjack villager

There are also tons of reworks of old features and systems:
- New improvements to the lighting, healing, and hunger system!
- New, balanced trades with all custom wandering traders.
- Reworked zombie abilities for better immersion and performance!

MASSIVE overhauls to command convention, performance, and general optimization and organization.

The changelog is HUGE. True Survival is an all new datapack with this update and I hope everyone enjoys.
New Features/Gameplay

  • Added copper ingot to beacon payment tag
  • Added all copper block variants to beacon base tag
  • Added “Dev Diary” guidebook, given to players on first spawn
  • Custom items now use custommodeldata (consolidated to 1 resource pack instead of vanilla/optifine)
  • Added lootboxes to spawner loot
  • Added “Old Bundle” custom item (Contains 1 emerald), given on first spawn
  • Magma blocks added to strider warmth tag
  • All True Survival recipes granted to player’s recipe book on first spawn
  • Bookshelves require nether wood to craft
  • Clean and befriend polar bears with shears, chance for fishing net
  • New on hit biters ability
  • New on hit husk ability
  • Added spawners to protected by piglin tag
  • Added amethyst shard as possible arrowhead material
  • Craft jackolanterns from candles
  • Added custom crafter
  • Added sea fragments to elder guardian loot table
  • Added trident recipe using sea fragments
  • New textures for fishing net, nomad’s brew, nomad pickaxes
  • Ender Dragon now drops a cassette tape (resource pack exclusive)
  • Craft spectral arrows from glow ink
  • Added chain decraft recipe
  • Mine glass-type blocks efficiently with an axe
  • Healing salves now cure wither and poison in addition to healing
  • New advancement for collecting wandering trader items
  • Hitting entities while wearing diamond chestplate taxes hunger mildly
  • Hitting entities while wearing netherite chestplate taxes hunger mildly+
  • Blocking non-projectiles with shields taxes hunger mildly
  • Axes with fortune enchantment now yield planks from overworld trees
  • Added lumberjack villager from vindicator conversion
  • Undead vikings can now switch back to bow if player too far
  • Crimson and warped stems yield 6 planks instead of 4
  • Stage3 phantoms from ender dragon fight have end crystals riding them
  • Added minion slaying heal effect to boss fights
  • Added endstone and bedrock to soulfire tag
  • Added fishing trophy system
  • Crafting mossy cobblestone/stonebrick from moss blocks gives 2 instead of 1
  • Added deepmobs ability (increased speed attribute to most mobs below y=0)
  • Biters have increased reinforcement chance when below y=0
  • Added True Survival advancement for reaching below y=0
  • New soul well structure in soulsand valley, converts 1 poppy to wither rose
  • New wood progression True Survival advancement branch
  • Spelunkers now wear lantern on head to help see when invisible
  • New undead tag; all undead destroy torches
  • Added recharge phase in Wither fight. Summons two wither skeleton minions to protect itself while resting
  • Voyagers sell invisible item frames and invisible glow item frames
  • Mobs found inside strongholds are infested. Will spawn 2 parasitic silverfish upon death

Changes/Minor Additions
  • Updated loot tables to 1.17.
  • Added tsurv.trader tag
  • Added tsurv.x specific tags to custom npc’s
  • Stronger ghast fireballs now tagged
  • Added infested entity type
  • Changed all lore text to gray
  • Removed beetroot sugar recipe
  • Changed all playsound commands to using “Player” sound settings slider
  • Fishtraps use individual scoreboards
  • Rebalanced voyager trades
  • Converted old commands to using new /item
  • Converted armor loop to using /schedule instead of scoreboard
  • Converted spider loop to using /schedule instead of scoreboard
  • Converted dragon loops to using /schedule
  • Rotten flesh tans into “hide” instead of leather
  • New biters tag; all biters apply biter effect
  • Added deep predicate and deepmobs tag
  • New spectrals tag; all spectrals weak to spectral arrows
  • Cleaned up tick file
  • Cleaned up dragon code
  • Reworked REM sleep to be lightweight and more accurate, using scoreboards
  • Removed one-player multiplayer sleep forced functionality
  • Removed null recipes, switching to using Minecraft namespace for overwrite
  • Reworked fish trap loot
  • Cleaned up @s context
  • Reworked custom wandering trader spawnrate
  • Healing salve organization
  • War Horn organization
  • Added “create_items” function for custom items
  • Added create_item function for healing salve and war horn
  • Gave fishing net lore
  • Fishing net now uses phantom membrane for base item
  • Changed advancement reward structure
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed gilded blackstone loot table
  • Given REM sleep effect on first spawn
  • Lengthened absorption effect from REM sleep
  • Added kindling tag for torch recipes
  • Removed polar bear fishing
  • Added river/frozen river requirement for fish trap
  • Vikings only switch weapons nearby survival or adventure mode players
  • Creeper slowness only applied when player is in survival or adventure mode
  • Moved healing salve recipe to custom crafter
  • Moved war horn recipe to custom crafter
  • Nerfed desert pyramid loot
  • Strider jockeys spawn more often
  • Moved ender dragon loot to loot chest
  • Changed “Emerald Road” advancement to emerald requirement instead of emerald block
  • Removed zombie and husk auras
  • Nerfs to nether fortress loot
  • Fixed healing salve advancement
  • Converted spectral ability to advancements
  • Changed base icon for guide advancement tree to soul campfire
  • Removed netherite/diamond weakness effect
  • Converted starvation weakness to scoreboards
  • Uninstall function now removes legacy scoreboards as well
  • Converted endchanting to using advancements
  • Removed emerald blocks from elder guardian loot table
  • Converted pigpoop to using advancements
  • Added pigfood tag for feeding functionality
  • Item frames tag for broader fishtrap functionality with glow item frames
  • Bowl is voided if players eat healing salve
  • Nerfed jungle temple loot
  • Rebalanced gilded bartering loot
  • Rabbit hide changed to “hide” in lang file
  • Added arrowhead tag
  • Added coals tag
  • Added bricks tag
  • Added minion tag
  • Updated pack to follow namespace conventions

Extra Additions
  • New pack.png
  • Changed Disc 11 to Deep Space Expedition 2007 By Tired Mutt in resource pack
  • Reserved devonsdesk custommodeldata prefix (510)
  • Added True Survival reference to title splash text
Welcome to True Survival Version 2.3! It contains a lot of features, optimizations, bug fixes, and even a familiar mob: THE ILLUSIONER.
New Features
  • Elder Dragon fight reworked to have The Illusioner! The illusioner replaces charged creepers, making a more lore friendly and unique challenge to the fight. The timer for spawning stage two adds has changed to 45 seconds to compensate for the new, unique challenge.
  • Endchanting! If you eat an enchanted golden apple after defeating the dragon and exiting through the end portal, you gain 3 additional maximum hearts. This only works if you do it after! Eating one before then will not grant you the buff. This buff will also only work once. If you die, it disappears and you'll have to eat another enchanted golden apple.
  • Strider jockeys will now buyback lodestones for 24 emeralds! Give him your extra ones from looting the nether fortress.
  • Wooden tools can now be recycled by cooking them on the campfire. Each wooden tool will yield a torch.
  • Armor rework tweaked. Debuff for netherite and diamond armor will apply to the chestplate instead of full armor sets.
  • Fish trap loot table rebalanced to be less lucrative.
  • Spelunker bread trade reduced from 8 bread to 6 bread for an emerald.
  • Spelunker campfire trader increased from 1 to 2 emeralds for a campfire.
  • Spelunker iron nugget trade limit increased from 5 transactions to 6.
  • Strider Jockey sells cheaper lodestones at 64 emeralds each.
  • Ghast loot tables reworked. Emerald blocks less common. Ghast tears more common.
Datapack Conventions
  • Added global advancements to integrate with certified datapacks.
  • Namespace prefixes added to scoreboards to adhere to datapack conventions.
  • Removed reload message to prevent load clutter. Use tick advancement/global advancement to detect installation.
[Also optimized trader spawning, bugs, and some performance issues.]
Here's another mini update containing some balancing tweaks, new crafting recipes and loot, and conventions!
Balance Tweaks
  • Undead vikings now use boots for their detection rather than chestplates. This should make them appear slightly more often.
  • Fishing traps are slightly less lucrative.
  • Fish nets will now rarely be given out as Hero Of the Village rewards from fisherman villagers.

New Crafting Recipe

  • You can now craft flower pots from nether bricks.
Pack Formatting

  • The introductory advancement will now be granted upon loading the datapack! Welcome to TRUE SURVIVAL!
Here's a mini update containing a couple new features as well as some optimizaitons!

New features:
  • Polar bears now have a chance to drop a fishing net!
  • Use a fishing next to create a fishing trap. To make a fishing trap, place a barrel surrounded by water (8 sources) and place an item frame on top of it. Place your fishing net inside the item frame and your fishing trap is good to go! It will harvest from a different loot table than the polar bears yielding more valuable drops. It harvests at the same rate as a polar bear at 90 seconds per harvest.
  • You can now craft bee nests! Surround a bee hive with 8 honeycombs in to get a single bee nest!
  • There is now a new uninstall function included with the pack.
  • pack.png has been edited to be more easily discernable.
Balance changes:

  • The new chain recipe now only yields 3 chains per craft.
  • Nether fortress loot tables are slightly less lucrative.
  • Fire charges now drop in multiples from piglin bartering.
Pack Formatting:

  • Starting to work on fixing datapack conventions in order to be verified.
  • Lots of formatting has been optimized.
  • More to come.