True Survival Mode

True Survival Mode Version 4.3.0

True Survival is now in 1.19! (This comes with a resource pack update as well <--- Click to download)

-War Horns now use Goat Horns for their base item! Loot tables and crafters are now updated.
-Can use War Horns for playing sounds without triggering Bad Omen!
-War Horn crafting recipes now require goat horns and Artisan Scrap to craft at the True Survival crafter.
-Updated 1.19 incompatibilities from 1.18.
-Hotfix for the elder dragon loot table. Should no longer have empty barrels in dragon loot reward.
HUGE optimization update along with a couple all-new features!
Full changelog here.

-New Enderic Geysers spawn during ender dragon fight.
-New Wither Sprite spawns when activating a Soul Well.
-New Resource Pack update here. New textures for Artisan Scrap, Silverfish Egg, and a general rework.
-Noticeable optimizations.
-Rebalances and tweaks.
Quick update to fix broken compatibility in 1.18.2!
(You can play the gameplay-equal 1.18-1.18.1 version of True Survival by downloading a legacy version: here)

-Fixed broken exploration maps in nomad kits.
-Changed all map markers in nomad kits to using red x's.
Tentative changes to Strider Jockey spawning! (give feedback!)
-Redid strider jockey backend. Should have more consistent spawning but also not common.
-Was rare but also eliminated chance to kill player if riding strider during a strider jockey spawn.
-Fixed accreditation advancement version number.
-Deleted extra advancement causing blank tab in advancements menu.
Small update to help address overabundance of spelunker spawns.
  • Converted spelunker and voyager spawn detection to using random chance predicates.
  • Chance for spelunkers to spawn decreased by 50% (1/40 --> 1/60)
  • Special thanks to Galdeveer for suggestions on refactoring. Will implement some more of his optimizations in a future update.
  1. Spider queens now check for valid blocks from "#tsurv.queenvalid" tag before placing cobwebs.
  2. Added "tsurv.queenvalid" tag. Contains most natural ground blocks like stone, grass, dirt, etc.
  3. Spelunker code optimized.
  4. Voyager code optimized.
  5. Strider Jockey spawning no longer uses magma cubes as a possible replacement.
  6. Fixed Strider Jockey code typo leaving behind leftover replacement mobs.
  7. Cravings icons last 10 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
  8. Guidebook fixed to no longer revert setting changes.
  9. "Loaded" function split into Loaded and Initiate to allow for running commands on first run only.
  10. Bats can no longer drop multiple types of seeds in one kill.
  11. Bat drops only happen upon player kill.
  12. Ghast buff code optimized.
  13. Deepmobs code optimized.
  14. Spelunker moved from tick to 1-time/second schedule.
  15. Voyager moved from tick to 1-time/second schedule.
  16. Strider Jockey moved from tick to 1-time/second schedule.
  17. Soul Well moved from tick to 2-times/second schedule.
  18. Torch stomp moved from tick to 2-times/second schedule.
  19. Alpha creepers moved from tick to 2-times/second schedule.
  20. Vikings moved from tick to 2-times/second schedule.
  21. Ghast buffs moved from tick to 2-times/second schedule.
  22. Deepmobs rework moved from tick to 2-times/second schedule.
  23. Gilded bartering moved from tick to 2-times/second schedule.
  24. Removed useless "endchanted" function.
  25. Removed useless "metalchest" item tag.
Hotfix to Voyager kits not properly giving maps to end cities.
New Features/Gameplay:
  • 8 Unique loot bundles added, all with unique semi-randomized content. Bundle acquired by breaking spawners, with the bundle given corresponding to the dimension and/or structure you break the spawner in.
  • Loot bundles have a chance to contain 8 unique shields, also corresponding with the dimension and/or structure you found it in.
  • New Cravings system. When you wake, you're a given a craving which you have until that night to fulfill. Fulfilling the craving will reward you with experience and the strength effect.
  • Skeleton Vikings now have a chance to drop a Viking Axe. Viking Axes can have either sharpness or looting enchanted onto it.
  • Can convert Evokers into Artisan villagers. Do this by splashing with weakness potion and renaming with nametag. Artisans sell decorational variants like Invisible Item Frames and Armor Stands with arms.
  • Artisan Scrap is a new item dropped by Evokers and Pillagers while inside a mansion.
  • Silverfish Eggs are a new item dropped by Infested Mobs (Hostile mobs inside a stronghold).
  • Deepmobs (mobs below y=0) can now Pilfer. Hitting the player will destroy a single torch inside their inventory.
  • Craft the Dragon Fruit at the Custom Crafting Table with a dragon egg and an enchanted golden apple. Eating one will expand your maximum health by 3 hearts (6HP).
  • Nomads (custom True Survival wandering traders) will sell players Explorer Kits. These kits will contain helpful loot for the dimension including an explorer map leading to a nearby structure.
To view the full changelog, visit the blogpost here. Many minor changes have occurred to improve True Survival performance and cohesiveness!
The previous changes made to make the crafter more compatible with server plugins also opened it up to some unintended consequences. The following changes have been enacted to make it all nice and shiny. Will prevent further whackiness with the hero of the village effect and villager reputation.

  • All trade recipes' specialPrice tag set to '0'.
  • All trade recipes' priceMultiplier tag set to '0'.
  • Crafter set to maximum level to prevent pointless experience bar.