True Survival Mode

True Survival Mode Version 2.2

Here's another mini update containing some balancing tweaks, new crafting recipes and loot, and conventions!
Balance Tweaks
  • Undead vikings now use boots for their detection rather than chestplates. This should make them appear slightly more often.
  • Fishing traps are slightly less lucrative.
  • Fish nets will now rarely be given out as Hero Of the Village rewards from fisherman villagers.

New Crafting Recipe

  • You can now craft flower pots from nether bricks.
Pack Formatting

  • The introductory advancement will now be granted upon loading the datapack! Welcome to TRUE SURVIVAL!
Here's a mini update containing a couple new features as well as some optimizaitons!

New features:
  • Polar bears now have a chance to drop a fishing net!
  • Use a fishing next to create a fishing trap. To make a fishing trap, place a barrel surrounded by water (8 sources) and place an item frame on top of it. Place your fishing net inside the item frame and your fishing trap is good to go! It will harvest from a different loot table than the polar bears yielding more valuable drops. It harvests at the same rate as a polar bear at 90 seconds per harvest.
  • You can now craft bee nests! Surround a bee hive with 8 honeycombs in to get a single bee nest!
  • There is now a new uninstall function included with the pack.
  • pack.png has been edited to be more easily discernable.
Balance changes:

  • The new chain recipe now only yields 3 chains per craft.
  • Nether fortress loot tables are slightly less lucrative.
  • Fire charges now drop in multiples from piglin bartering.
Pack Formatting:

  • Starting to work on fixing datapack conventions in order to be verified.
  • Lots of formatting has been optimized.
  • More to come.