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The first official release of TRUE SURVIVAL. This comprehensive datapack aims to do many things:

1) Emphasize the survival aspects of Minecraft without detracting from its more creative features.

2) Fill the holes in features that Mojang has left behind.

3) Make Minecraft a heart-pounding experience that alludes to Minecraft's versions of old.

TRUE SURVIVAL features include custom wandering traders for each dimension, campfires that heal you, special abilities for many Vanilla mobs, a rebalance to broken vanilla mechanics, and even a reworked Ender Dragon fight.

The pack also has custom items with their own specially made textures.
(The resource pack is optional but recommended.)

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The website includes a complete Wiki, optional resource pack downloads, and a speedrun leaderboard for Set Seed Glitchless Any % and Random Seed Glitchless Any %.
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