Tree Feller

Tree Feller 1.2

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100% Complete
Minecraft Version(s)
1.16, 1.16.1, 1.16.2, 1.16+, 20w27a
This simple data pack allows you to tear down trees with a single swing. At least, you need to destroy the bottom block and the rest of the tree will soon follow.

  • Any tree of any shape can be chopped down in one pass, leaves will also be taken down.
  • Custom leaf decay (if randomTickSpeed is set to false) which will randomly destroy decayable leaf blocks.
  • Axe Debuff per material type, so it isn't overpowered and takes a while to chop down trees.
  • Sneaking allows the player to chop a single block down, instead of the whole tree, no debuffs are applied.
  • 2 trigger settings to customize the custom leaf decay speed and to use debuffs or not. Set to 0 to turn off completely and let randomTickSpeed do that.*
    • /trigger tf_leaf_decay set <0-50>
    • /trigger tf_debuff_tools set <0-1>
How to Install:
  1. Download the pack
  2. Put the zip in the datapacks folder of the world you want it to affect. (e.g. .minecraft/saves/MyWorld/datapacks)
  3. Open the world and enjoy (if it doesn't work, enable cheats and run /reload)
Should work
- with other datapacks
- in multiplayer
- in snapshot 19w14a+ (most likely in any 1.14 version after this as well)

If one of these statements is false, there's likely a bug, so please report that to me!

Bug reports:
Find any bugs? Report them in the comments or under this youtube video:
Alternatively message me on discord (but I won't be quick responding there)

Known "unfixable" bugs:
Some bugs can't be fixed because of how minecraft is programmed (thanks Mojang) and won't be fixed unless you provide a fix, or Mojang fixes their game. Here is a list of those bugs:
  • None
If you want to run this on a multiplayer server, but don't want non-admins to run these, change the file in the zip file in hv/functions/update/trigger_settings.mcfunction
Add a hashtag in front of every line, or delete all the contents and save it.
And run: /reload
This should make all the triggers useless and not do anything.
If you still want to change the settings. use (for leaf decay speed):
/scoreboard players set $HV_SETTING hv_lk_count <0-50>
and (for using tool debuffs):
/scoreboard players set $HV_SETTING hv_dt_enable <0-1>
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.2 of TreeFeller for Minecraft 1.16+ is out now!

    CHANGES: - Added support for netherite axe! (similar to diamond axe) - Added support for...
  2. Fixed sneaking not doing anything.

    If you sneak now, it should disable the treefeller effect and allow you to destroy single blocks.

Latest reviews

Works like a charm, a great addition to a speedy Minecrafter's world