Towers of Challenges

Towers of Challenges 2020-09-12

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By Yolo4321
WARNING: These towers can be considered very difficult and once you fall, the items you carry will burn in the lava. You'll have to be a parkour master in order to do this.

Towers of Challenges is a datapack that adds naturally spawning towers with obstacles in them.
In each tower you'll have to parkour all the way to the top. Here is an image of the obstacles.

"Oh yeah, in case you've forgotten, I can just build all the way up."


The tower has a curse which will make players be unable to place down, break or interact with any blocks... at all.
You have no choice but to parkour all the way up without the help of any blocks. The only way to break the curse is by defeating the boss.

Once you've finally reached the top, you will have to face the boss that has been waiting for you, The Guardian of the Tower.

Name: Guardian of the Tower
Hostility: Hostile
Mob type: Undead
Health: 500
Speed: As fast as a wither skeleton
Battle difficulty: Very Hard
Tag: tocboss

As shown in the image above, in the room there will be three chests which are locked. The only way to unlock them is by of course, by defeating the boss.

During the fight, he can do something very special.

He can switch between melee and range. (Using his bones or a bow that shoots burning arrows.)

"Oh no, the fight is just way too difficult. I want to forfeit the battle."

You just can't...

Iron bars will just block the entrance and you are unable to leave (And don't forget that you can't break any blocks).

What's even worse is that, if you lose the fight, he will just replenish all of his HP.

Anyways, once you've finally killed him, you get to open the three chests and break the curse of being unable to place or break blocks as said before. The three chests will contain certain loot. One of them will contain the best ones.


Enjoy! 😋
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