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1.17.1 - 1.18 Snapshots
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  1. Depends on a Resource Pack

The Potato Pack is a data pack for Minecraft: Java Edition that adds new content to improve existing content. Compare it to dog breeds vs a new species.

The Potato Pack has had a lot of time to shape up lately, but the project is still in early development. You may run into minor issues while using it. Additionally, there will be an ever-growing list of incompatibilities with other data packs.​


Stable releases

The latest releases of The Potato Pack are published to the Data Pack Center, Planet Minecraft , CurseForge, and
GitHub release pages. Releases are considered to be
suitable for general use, but they are not guaranteed to be free of bugs and other issues.

Usually, releases will be made available on GitHub slightly sooner than other locations.

Bleeding-edge builds (unstable)

If you are a player who is looking to get your hands on the latest bleeding-edge changes for testing, consider
taking a look at the automated builds produced through the GitHub Actions workflow.
This workflow automatically runs every time a change is pushed to the repository, and as such, the builds it produces
will generally reflect the latest snapshot of development.

Bleeding edge builds will often include unfinished code that hasn't been extensively tested. That code may introduce
incomplete features, bugs, crashes, and all other kinds of weird issues. You should not use these bleeding edge builds
unless you know what you are doing and are comfortable with software debugging. If you report issues using these builds,
we will expect that this is the case. Caveat emptor.​

Reporting Issues

You can report bugs and crashes by opening an issue on the issue tracker.
Before opening a new issue, use the search tool to make sure that your issue has not already been reported and ensure
that you have completely filled out the issue template. Issues that are duplicates or do not contain the necessary
information to triage and debug may be closed.

Please note that while the issue tracker is open to feature requests, development is primarily focused on
bug-fixing, compatibility, performance, and finishing any unimplemented features.


I have a Discord server for all of my projects. By joining, you can:
  • Get technical support with all of my projects​
  • Be notified of the latest developments as they happen​
  • Get involved and collaborate​
  • ... and just hang out with the rest of the community.​


The Potato Pack is licensed under GNU GPLv3, a free and open-source license. For more information, please see the
license file.​
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