The Cursed Respawn Anchor

The Cursed Respawn Anchor 1.2

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Pack Requirements
Depends on a Resource Pack
How to Install:
1. Unzip the file. (This must be done as the file contains both the Resourcepack and the Datapack)
2. Drag the "Cursed Respawn Anchor DP" folder into the "datapacks" folder in your Minecraft world's folder
3. Drag the "Cursed Respawn Anchor RP" folder into your "resourcepacks" folder at your Minecraft's install location
4. Enable the RP, make sure your Minecraft world has "Cheats Enabled" on (Otherwise turn on LAN and turn on Cheats in the Esc Menu) and type the command /reload in chat

Directly inspired by this r/MinecraftSuggestions post.

This datapack adds a new "gamemode" to your Minecraft world.

Once installed, everyone's spawnpoint is now forever set to a Cursed Respawn Anchor block in the Nether.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 4.23.53 AM.png

One must break the block using a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe in order to break the curse.

The Cursed Respawn Anchor never runs out of charges and sleeping in a bed or setting your spawn another way does not work, until the Cursed Respawn Anchor is broken.

The goal of the pack is to traverse the Nether and finally venture into the Overworld, find diamonds to craft a Diamond Pickaxe, and traveling back to break the block and lift the curse.

As soon as the block is broken, everyone's spawnpoint is reset to the overworld.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 1.04.36 PM.png

Good luck travelers!
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  1. v1.2 - Bug fixes

    Fixed a couple bugs with the Anchor breaking sometimes when you go to the overworld, quitting...