The Creeper's Code

Sponsored The Creeper's Code V0.4

This update adds tons and tons of End and Emerald-related content, along with plenty of major reworks.
Fixed a couple small errors concerning the smoldering seeker:

- Missing output item in the recipe
- Missing give command
- It could potentially delete your armor
Adds smoldering seekers, bug fixes, paintbrushes
This hotfix solves a small error involving stone crafting recipes using a tag that doesn't exist in 1.16.1.
This release fixes many various errors within TCC, and adds a small amount of features as well.
Check for full information.
A small amount of files were missing from the V0.3 release. No clue how this happened. Blame dragon, he's the one who zipped it the first time around.
Gold and Gems is out now! The full changelog can be read at