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dragoncommands, CreeperMagnet_, ChromaKey, Ragnorakkr_, Ellivers, TheNuclearNexus, Jachro
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  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
The Creeper's Code is a minecraft datapack that intends to add features that mesh seamlessly with the existing 'vanilla' minecraft content.

It adds anything from acorns, all the way to witch hats!

To install:

- Follow the download steps found at
- This above page also lists valid versions and alternatives.
- Enjoy your experience with the datapack!
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Latest updates

  1. V0.5.1: Caves and... Critical Issues?

    Proper Version: 1.17 to 1.17.1 Additions: - Snail Breeding - Snail Colors - GitHub Wiki...
  2. V0.5.1 Beta 1

    Proper Version: 1.17 to 1.17.1 Release Candidate 1 Additions: - Axolotl Bucket Variants - Emoji...
  3. V0.5: The Caves and Waves Update

    Proper Version: 1.17 This update adds lots of ocean and underground-related content, along with...

Latest reviews

5/5 Very poggers, adds a lot to the vanilla experience
A must-have datapack that adds features that seamlessly blend with the base game. Not only does it merge with the base game well, it also blends with lots of other datapacks too.
One of the best datapacks out there. It fleshes seamlessly with vanilla while still supporting the Mojang design philosophy. Well thought out features and great devs.
An incredible addition to vanilla minecraft. Many useful features that you will wonder how you ever got by without having.
There can be thousands of datapacks but for me you will always be the datapack that I like the most. ♥
Legend has it that this datapack is what made god abandon humanity. That isn't true, because god made this datapack.
10/10. All features work well and mesh amazingly into vanilla. Would highly reccomend.
Very well made and polished datapack, probably the best one I have played. The features add a lot yet fit right in with vanilla Minecraft, I would highly recommend it.